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warehouse hazing ceremony where 5 sorority pledges are forced to strip and do some naked exercises



A group of 5 sorority pledges are brought into a vacant warehouse with pillowcases placed over their heads and with no idea what is going on.  Its time for them to rush and as one of the girls takes the cases off their heads the leading sorority sister explains to them what it really means to be a part of such an exclusive sorority.

Its about sisterhood, honour, dedication and loyalty to your fellow sorority sisters and doing whatever it takes to be their for them without this we have nothing.  Today the new rush pledges will have to prove that they have what it takes as the culmination of their week of sorority hazing rituals is about to end with a bang.

the lead girls yells at them through a loudspeaker and has them run in front of the whole sorority who do their very best to make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Made to strip down to their underwear the girls do some squats while they are evaluated and then told to take off their panties leaving the poor pledges standing there embarrassed and vulnerable in their nakedness.

To prove they are willing to do whatever it takes to be there for the sisterhood the girls are made to perform some things they would have never thought they would ever do such as full lesbian sex acts licking each others pussies, one girl even does push ups while another isi in front of her with her legs spread.  Every time she goes down she has to kiss the other colllege pledges bare hairy pussy.  Wow, talk about a test of dedication but these girls do not consider quitting for a second and will do whatever it takes to make themselves and their sorority proud.

Naked college pledges forced to perform lesbian sex acts during out of control sorority hazing video

4 cute sorority girls in a nude sorority initiation

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So you want into the hottest sorority on campus?  Well you gotta earn it girls because not just any slut can make it into this sexy sorority.  Passing the naked inspection is a must if you want any chance as well as complete trust in your sisters.  The blonde leader of this sorority hazing is a total bossy bitch and she abuses the poor pledges under her command.

There is no way for the new college hopefuls can say no, and so in shock they meekly submit to her demands and perform some crazy lesbian sex acts.  Their big sister has told them its time they learnt to eat pussy and these girls are fast learners!  But will they meet their hot and demanding big sisters high standards and make her cum?


College pledges punished and humiliated for telling on their fellow sorority sisters

*Video:sorority snitches get a naked punishment

No one likes a snitch and these girls are about to get a lesson they won’t soon forget after one of the new college pledges tells on her fellow pledge sisters for breaking the curfew.  Such a thing demands punishment of all 3 girls to teach them a lesson!  They lock the poor snitch up in a large dog cage completely naked while the other 2 are forced to strip nude and put on a wrestling show for all the other girls.

The head sister seems to think this is not nearly enough punishment for informing on her fellow sorority sisters so she herself takes off her clothes and makes the girls eat out her pussy.  She humiliates them all with some crazy face sitting lesbian hazing action and demands they make her cum so she might just forgive their snitching ways!


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This isn’t really a hazing video but is a user submitted college girl vid of some wild sorority girls enjoying the pleasure of each others company in a good old lesbian foursome.  For a few of the girls here its their first time ever with another girl!  When the boys are away the girls will play Smile

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